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The pristine lack of humanity.

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...towards the ends.

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The pristine lack of humanity.

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Here is lays the problem with puritanism, with white lining 'dos' from 'do nots'.  Inherant in the notion of being pure is that there is an approach, and not even an approach, but a drive inherrant in humanity that passed on to us via our father ( not our mother mind you ) was the potential for human perfection.   That we are inherrently capable of being like perfect as we were created ( in some disturbing patriarchal dogma ) in the likeness of God ( I am sure when I have children that will sound much better ).  Thus all good acts we deem pure, are then associated with Godliness.  But the flip side is the spoils, ( no pun intended as I am eventually referring to alcohol here ) the spoils of humanity, the flaws, the sex, everything that bases us in the imperfections of man ( or woman if you happen to be)  is stolen by the impure.  Those who engage in what isn't permitted, take with them the mud and the clay from which the same God is said to have formed us.  Certainly mud and clay are impure?  Now this may be mans image of himself, which seems much more likely.  And striving for perfecting and improving things is of great merit to me. However, the ways of the puritan, the conformist notions of purity, they leave the puritan open to being empty, being hollow and lacking the soul of humanity, earned over generations and generations to the ancestors that made us, not different, but all the ancestors that made us.  Therefore you must steal from the debaser, that distillation of improvement and all that is attached to it.  Extract the mud of their philosophy when it is attached to the gems of ours.

What do I like in a woman / gal.

The usual, healthy complexion, symmetrical features, healthy glow, proportions (eyes to center of face, nose size to face ). Last but not least, brains, and love of life. 

People are like Children...

People are like Children, with tinny tiny crayons.  They are all trying to stay inside the lines, but the picture is sooo big that none of them can see what they are doing.

2 notes, view points.

Watching "river monsters"

1)  Men who were outlaws, literally moved to the edges of society, the dangerzones of the Nile river to catch and maintain their living.   Does that extrapolate to societies being started by "outlaws" to riverzones.  The tougher and more risking members/nonmembers of a society are then set along the coast in bands to fend for themselves.  These high risk takers, stronger/bolder  members may be a larger part in Human social evolution than the safe in dwellers.  Looking at examples like Ghangas Khan.  A few renegades can make strong through breeding many in dwellers.

2) There is a monument in Etheopia that looks very much like a 5 story building.  But is so only in decoration.  It is carved into the ground to emulate such a building.  Most likely one they had seen before.  AND, does this hint to or explain the "purpose" of other grand structures in the worlds history.  Pryamids for instance, very clearly hold no utility. But are structured around a pyramid, a shape also emulated around the world, China, South America, Europe,  Is it possible that these are merely emulating an actual structure that appeared as that else where, but had utility value?
Big question.

Celebrity and the general misuse of television.

when Television was invented here on Earth, it was said to be inspired by literally wanting to see over the horizon.  That came true and we could send images around the world soon after.  Imagine if the world used that for sending eachother the knowledge and teaching the languages and the cultures that we all have as humans.  If we shared the science and understandings that we have and learned, safely with all others around the world.  IMAGINE that.   Over 75 years of that!!

Instead we have abused peoples favor and used the television as a modem of celebrity.   In stead of championing intelligence we have used it to brag, banter, beautify, criticize, tease and belittle.  Today television itself is just UGLY.  And I say 'just' ugly as it seems to me television is the bully that doesn't like being left out.  The bully that pushes for her/his opinion and puts up obvious bragidous as the tides are turning from it's favor.  The manly henchman who squashes the hopes of the talented and the intelligent.  A big brother who calls everyone stupid and ugly in an attempt to make himself look better.  In the end, the goodness of television has been extracted and brought to other mediums ( the internet ).  There are FEW programs that are still quality.  However there are many, the staggering majority that seem to so obviously be seeking to destroy humanity.  Turning back human social progress as fast as possible in a last ditch effort to sell us back the remaining waste that has been left for television in the wake of newer, and stronger medium ( the internet ).

Good bye Television, I know it is way too late to go out gracefully, but maybe you could still win some merit badges for calling yourself out and saying enough is enough.

No right to use the idea of God to make you righteous.

I think people use their idea of God to judge people, to feel certain about things.


What their subconscious mind spews up is seen as messages from God, and divine truth about the outside world. 


They seem to think their body / brain interpreting the world of God is is pure, no mater how many big macs they have had, nor how many bottles of wine, nor how much tv they have allowed to influence their thinking and feelings.  


I am not an Atheist, but I am bothered by people who feel righteous and not humbled by creation.  Yes you're human and that is amazing, but if you believe in the word of God "all men are created equal".  So stop judging from your one way vanity mirror.  It's hypocritical.


Political Correctness Is A Form Of Thought Control.

Political correctness has it's place in teaching people behaviour.   You don't need to question certain things, for instance "are all races equal", well no, but you can't make generalizations about the groups that hold water, and it is safer to just not think about / talk about that idea.   But.....

...not asking those questions, is a form of thought control, imposed by yourself, by the social environment you live in, by the media absorbed by your social environment.  So, in not asking those questions, you are giving up your freedom of thought in a very real and direct way.  It is useful to have some automatic behaviours around societies blind spots, such as race, religion, the rat race, sanctified toxic products.   In having these automated responses we can spend little time on these obstacles and road blocks, and continue with our lives.  Opinions that are not politically correct regarding societies blind spots, are a little more time consuming to think about.

For instance:
Race is a cultural stamp ( often mostly inaccurate ). Religion is an outmoded and historically powerful ( and at times vile ) way to have mastery over the people and contain non-answers to the unknown, it is actually a a form of institutionalized thought control, for the 'less' intelligent.  The rat race is a dance of materialism, played out by the hyper tuned materialists / cognisant cogs ( slave minds ).  Sanctified toxic products are grandfathered in, and based on a "if they can do it", "I can do it" mentality, people are free to choose to destroy themselves at what ever rate the can, strangely reaping a flaw in the social / legal order to simultaneously rebel from it, revel in defiance, and saturate yourself with the poison that it sanctions.  Enjoying the toxicity of the stimulate / depressant, while also the perspective offered by slow, and usually mild and recoverable, self destruction.  

Political correctness servers than to provide an immediate method of not engaging in thinking or speaking about a certain thing(s) in world.  Racism being a thing in that sense.  However it doesn't provide a satisfying answer to the questions that is glosses over, or sometimes, simply asks us not to think or say anything about.  The is the thing about political correctness, it isn't always morally correct, factually correct, and is often inconsistent with actual reality.  Well that can be impossible to deal with.  Our brains have evolved precisely to deal with reality and help us survive reality.  So eventually we come up with internal models for what we see in the world, if we are given time to think.  Or as many people do, plug into the stream, and surround yourself by others plugged into the stream and then you never have to answer the questions, because eventually they never get asked. There is a comfort in social conformity.   But you ARE giving up free thought for the conformed / and sometimes specifically fabricated views of the social mass mind.  ( This is sounding a little antediluvian maybe, but it is the world we live in. Whether the flood of the end of the world as we know it is welling in the forecast, isn't my concern just now ).      

So choosing not to ask something, not to be curious, to associate triggers with simple concepts of bad or good without any examination is self imposed thought control.  And is mass mind think.  It does something worse, it empowers stupidity, if that stupidity seeks to subjugate others to it's level of conformity.  Which is often disgustingly crude, thoughtless and perverse.  ( The perversion of power, that may be another blog ).

But it is my contention that there is a lot more to be gained by not being politically correct that there is by being so.  Once you see through the white picket fence you see a lot more than your own comfortable backyard.  And heaven forbid you just might feel compelled to do something about it.

Being intelligent is easy.

Having a high IQ, and being intelligent is easy.   You have it or you don't.
What is hard, is being satisfied with yourself if you are extremely intelligent. 

But being determined enough to satisfy yourself intellectually is actualizing (In the Maslow sense).  

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